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Ask for solicitar She asked him for a loan

Break down averiarse The car has broken down

Break into robar en casas Their house has been broken into

Break out estallar War has broken out

Break up romper una relación The couple broke up last year

Bring up educar He was brought up by his aunt

Bump into encontrarse I bumped into an old friend

Call off cancelar The concert was called off

Call up llamar por teléfono He called up some friends

Calm down calmarse Try to calm down before the exam

Care about preocuparse He only cares about himself

Carry on continuar She carried on studying

Catch on hacerse popular The new trend has caught on

Catch up on ponerse al día I have to catch up on my studies

Check in facturar You have to check in an hour before departure

Check out saldar la cuenta We have to check out of the hotel at midday

Clean up limpiar I’m going to clean up my room

Come across encontrarse por casualidad He came across an old photo

Come back regresar Please, come back soon!

Come down bajar Prices have come down recently

Come off caerse The handle came off the door

Come on vamos,venga! Come on, let’s go!

Come up to acercarse hacia A tourist came up to me and asked for directions

Count on contar con I’m counting on your support

Cut down on reducir My father has cut down on cigarettes

Cut off cortar luz,tfno,gas The electricity has been cut off

Deal in negociar con He deals in antiques

Deal with tratar He has to deal with difficult situations

Dress up disfrazarse She dressed up for the party

Drop out of dejar (estudios) He dropped out of university

End up terminar He ended up working in finance

Fall for colarse por alguien She fell for an older man

Feel like apetecer I don’t feel like going to school today

Fill in completar Please, fill in this form

Find out descubrir I need to find out the train times

Fool around hacer el tonto Stop fooling around and do your homework

Get away escaparse The thief got away

Get back regresar We have just got back from our holidays

Get by arreglarselas sin algo I haven’t got much money but I get by

Get down bajar Help! I can’t get down


“Y”= And

“Además, aún más” =Additionally

“Además de” = In addition to

“Además” = Furthermore, Moreover, Besides

“También”= Also, As well

“También como” = As well as

“No solo sino también” = Not only…but also
Cause /Reason /Result

“Ya que” = For

“Así que” = So

“Puesto que” =Since

“Por lo tanto” = Therefore

“Como resultado” = As a result of

“A causa de” = On account of

“Consecuentemente” = Consequently

“Con tal de que” = As long as

“Por esta razón” = For this reason

“Debido a” = Because of, Due to

“Como” = like

“Tan …como” = as…as

“Igual que” = the same…as

“Igualmente, del mismo modo” = similarly

“De la misma manera” = in the same way

“…que…” = …than…
Conclusion/ Summary

“En conclusión” = In conclusión

“Para concluir” = To conclue

“En resumen” = To sum up, In summary

“Paara resumir” = To summarise

“En breve” = In short

“En conjunto” = All in all

“Finalmente” = Finally

“Por ultimo” = Lastly

“En total” = On the whole

“En primer lugar” = (at) first

“Lo primero del todo” = First of all

“Por ahora” = At present

“Para empezar” =To begin with

“Después de eso” = After that

“Luego” = Then

“Más tarde” = Later

“Lo próximo” = Next

“Mientras tanto” = Meanwhile

“Después de todo” =Afterwards

“Finalmente” = Finally, In the end

“Por ultimo” = Lastly

“Al fin” = Eventually

“Si” = Whether

“Solo si” = Only if, Even if

“Si no” = Unless

“De otra manera” = Otherwise

“En caso de” = In case of

“Con tal de” = Provided that

“Pero” = But

“Mientras”=Whereas/ While

“En vez de” = Instead (of)

“A diferencia de” = Unlike

“Aunque” = Though, Although, Even though

“Por otro lado” = On the other hand

“Sin embargo” = However, Nevertheless, Nonetheless

“A pesar de” = In spite of / Despite

“Por ejemplo” =Such as, Like, For example, For instance

“Especialmente” = Especially

“En particular” = In particular
Opinion “Creo, pienso”

In my opinion, In my view


As far as I’m concerned

I mean

In other words
Purpose “Para” = For, To, So that, In order that, In order to, So as to, For this purpose

“Cuando” = When

“Mientras” = While

“Desde que” = Ever since

“Tan pronto como” = As soon as

“Con tal de que” = As long as

“Hasta” = Until

“Después” = After

“Antes” = Before

“Una vez” = Once

“Por entonces” = By the time

“Mientras tanto” = In the meantime

“De pronto, de repente” = All of a sudden

“Siempre que” = Whenever

“Ahora que, ya que” = Now that

1.Los adverbios de lugar o frases adverbials se colocan detrás del verbo

Teachers work in schools
2.Los adverbios de tiempo se colocan al final o principio de la frase

I go out with my friends on Friday nights

On Friday nights I go out with my friends
3.Los adverbios de frecuencia se colocan:

a)Detrás del verbo –Be She is always sad

b)Delante del verbo principal He often eats fruit

c)En medio de las dos primeras formas de un tiempo compuesto We have never been in Rome

Cuando en una misma frase aparecen varias clases de adverbios, el orden suele ser:

E.g---I played chess very badly in the competition last weekend


She was embarrased by his behaviour=Se sintió avergonzada por su comportamiento

2ºEventually=Finalmente--------------By chance,temporarily=Eventualmente, de vez en cuando

They eventually arrived,an hour late=Finalmente llegaron una hora más tarde


Please, leave by the exit=Por favor,sal por la salida

4ºFigure=Cifra--------------------Appearance=Figura,aspecto físico

He has a head for figures=Tiene una gran cabeza para los números


Look up the idiom in your dictionary


Elephants are large animals=Los elefantes son animals grandes

7ºLecture=Conferencia---------------------- Reading=Lectura

The student was late for his lecture=El estudiante llegó tarde a la conferencia


You can borrow books from the library=Puedes pedir libros en la biblioteca

9ºMayor=Alcalde--------------------------Bigger,older,main=Mayor,más grande

The new mayor gave /made a speech=El alcade dió un discurso


The misery of the unemployed person

11ºNotice=Cartel,dares cuenta---------------------- News=Noticias

The notice reads “No smoking”=En el cartel dice “No fumar”

12ºParcel=Paquete---------------------------------Plot of land=Parcela

The postman delivered a parcel=El cartero entregó un paquete


Both my parents are retired =Mis padres están jubilados

14ºPresume=Suponer----------------------- Show off=Presumir

I presume you are Mr.Smith

Get in=Entrar Please,open the door, I can't get in

Get off=Bajar He got off the bus by the post office

Get on (well) with=Congeniar con alguien He gets on with his brother very well

Get over=Recuperarse He got over the disappointment

Get up=Levantarse Get up, your breakfast is ready

Give back=Devolver He gave back the money he had taken

Give up=Abandonar,dejar de hacer algo Despite the difficulties,he didn't give up

Go along=Continuar por el camino Go along this way

Go down=Bajar (Precios) Prices have gone down recently

Go on=Continuar He went on telling the story

Go out=Salir He's gone out for a walk

Grow up=Crecer She grew up in England

Hang around=Dar vueltas We're always hanging around the park

Hang up=Colgar el telçefono I hung up the phone

Hold up=Levantar la mano The pupil held up his hand

Join in=Hacerse socio You'll have more fun if you join in

Keep off=Mantenerse alejado Please,keep off the grass

Keep on=Continuar They kept on walking

Knock down=Atropellar He was knocked down by a car

Look after=Cuidar I have to look after my sick aunt

Look back on=Pensar en el pasado He looked back on his happy childhood

Look for=Buscar I'm looking for my computer

Look forward to +-ing=Desear He's looking forward to having free

Look into=Investigar Police are looking into the robbery

Look out!=Cuidado Look out! There is a car coming

Look up=Buscar en el diccionario I'll look up the word in the dictionary

Look up to=Admirar I have always looked up to my mum

Make up=Inventar He made up a story to impress his friend

1ºPretend=Fingir---------------------------------------- Intend, try =Tener la intención, intentar

2ºProve=demostrar-------------------------------------Taste, try=probar, intentar


4ºRealize=Darse cuenta------------------------------- Carry out=Realizar, llevar a cabo

5ºRemove=Quitar--------------------------------------- Stir=Remover


7ºResorts=Centro, lugar de vacaciones------------spring=primavera


9ºSignature=Firma-------------------------------------- Subject=Asignatura


11ºSuburb=Area----------------------------------------- Slum=Suburbio

12ºSuccess=Éxito---------------------------------------- Event=Acontecimiento

13ºSympathetic=Comprensivo------------------------Nice, friendly=Simpático

14ºVicious= Cruel----------------------------------------Addict, depraved=Vicioso


Pick up Recoger I have to pick up the children

Put off Postponer They put off the meeting until the following day

Put on Ponerse ropa Put your coat on

Put out Apagar Firemen put out the fire

Put up with Tolerar I can’t put up with the loud noise

Ring off Dejar de sonar The phone rang off before he could answer

Ring up Llamar Ring up for an appointment at the doctor’s

Run away from Escapar The robber ran away from prison

Run into Tropezarse con I hurt myself running into a door

Run out of Quedarse sin We have run out of bread

Run over Atropellar The car ran over a cat

Set off Emprender viaje They set off on their journey

Show up Presentarse We showed up late for the appointment

Stand for Significar PC stands for Personal computer

Stand up Levantarse Stand up is the opposite of sit down

Switch on # Switch off Encender y apagar la luz

Take after Parecerse My daughter takes after her father

Take away Retirar The waiter took away the plates

Take back Retirar comentarios I took back my comments

Take down=Write down Anotar Please,take down/write down your address

Take part in Participar I’m taking part in some games at school

Take off (1) Quitarse ropa

(2) Despegar un avión

Take out Sacar He took out his wallet

Take up Aficionarse I’ll take up playing golf next term

Try on Probarse ropa

Turn back Girar They turned back at the roundabout (rotonda)

Turn down(1) Rechazar I turned down his offer

(2) Bajar el volumen

Turn into Convertirse The water turned into ice

Turn off Desenchufar Turn off the computer

Turn on Encender Turn on the TV

Turn out Apagar electricidad Turn out the light

Turn over Girar,dar la vuelta You have to turn the omelette over

Turn up (1) Aparecer

(2) Subir el volumen

Work out Resolver un problema I can’t work out this physics’ problem

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