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Nouns from adjectives





Abundant (abundante)

Elegant (elegante)

Important (importante)

Abundance (abundancia)

Elegance (elegancia)

Importance (importancia)


Absent (ausente)

Different (diferente)

Intelligent (inteligente)

Present (presente)

Absence (ausencia)

Difference (diferencia)

Intelligence (inteligencia)

Presence (presencia)


Efficient (eficiente)

Fluent (fluido)

Urgent (urgent)

Efficiency (eficiencia)

Fluency (fluidez)

Urgency (urgencia)


Creative (creativo)

Enormous (enorme)

Equal (igual)

Formal (formal)

Popular (popular)

Similar (similar)

Stupid (tonto)

Humid (húmedo)

Creativity (creatividad)

Enormity (enormidad)

Equality (igualdad)

Formality (formalidad)

Popularity (popularidad)

Similarity (similitud)

Stupidity (tontería)

Humidity (humedad atmosférica)


Dark (oscuro)

Great (grande)

Happy (feliz)

Ill (enfermo)

Light (ligero)

Lonely (solitario)

Sad (triste)

Short (breve)

Weak (débil)

Darkness (oscuridad)

Greatness (grandeza)


Illness (enfermedad)

Lightness (ligereza)

Loneliness (soledad)

Sadness (tristeza)

Shortness (brevedad)

Weakness (debilidad)


Operated (operado)

Organized (organizado)

Populated (poblado)

Operation (operación)

Organization (organización)

Population (población)



Angry (enfadado)

Bored (aburrido)

Deep (profundo)

High (alto)

Long (largo)

Strong (fuerte)

Wise (sabio)

Young (joven)


Boredom (aburrimiento)




Strength (fuerza)




Hopeful (esperanzado)

Fearful (miedoso,temeroso)

Useful (útil)


Ambitious (miedoso)


Frustrated (frustrado)


Emotional (emotivo)

A travel guide provides information about a place

A cookbook tells you how to prepare and cook food

An e-book is a digital version of a book

A magazine is a large thin book with a paper cover that is sold every week or month

A comic book tells stories using a series of pictures

A newspaper is a set of folded sheets of paper containing news

Detective fiction stories about crime investigations

Fiction stories about imaginary people and events

Tragedy is a play with a very sad ending

Autobiography the story of the writer’s own life

Fable short story that teaches a moral lesson

Horror story film or story in which strange and terrifying things happen

Essay a short piece of writing about a particular subject

Comedy a funny film or play

Science fiction imaginary stories about life in the future

Poetry writing that is written in short lines,especially using words that rhyme

Campaign an organised effort to change something

Summary is a short text with the main points

Curriculum vitae is a form which gives personal and professional information

Diary is a book you write your personal experiences in
Different types of newspapers:

1)Tabloid involves affairs ,there are a lot of pictures and stories about celebrities

2)The press involves serious news
Differences between:

1)Recipe instructions that tell how to cook something

2)Receipt is like a ticket you get when you buy something
1)Leather material which is made by fur from animals (Leather jacket,boots,belt…)

2)Fur is the skin of an animal (Fur coat)

3)Skin is part of people’s bodies
1)Illness is used when people don’t feel well because they have a sore throat or headache…

2)Disease involves serious treatment
1)Library is a place where people borrow books and read and study there

2)Bookshop is a place where people buy books
1)Suburbs is an area where people live and it is far away from the city center

2)Neighbourhood the local area where people live



Bored=fed up

Reports= marks,results of exams at school

Argue =disagree

Rush =hurry

Give up =stop doing ,drop out of

Enjoy=have a good time, have fun,get a real satisfaction from




Improved =Got better

Belong to =Own


On my own=By myself (Por mi mismo)


Baggage =luggage (equipaje)

Marry =get married (casarse)

Perhaps=Maybe (Quizás)

Sort of =kind of, type of (tipo de)

Terrifying =frightening

Complicated =hard,difficult



Hilarious =funny (divertida)

The main character=The hero, the heroine (Personaje principal)

Courageous=brave (valiente)

Evil=bad (Malo, un demonio)

Intelligent= clever, smart

Once =one time

Twice =two times

Rude =impolite

Daily =every day

All day long= all through the day

In fact=actually

Big cup=mug

Find out=discover


Illness=sickness, disease

All over the world= worldwide (Por todo el mundo)

Emotion =feeling

Reject=turn down, refuse


Make an effort= try with energy

Desires,aspirations =hopes


Decoded=deciphered (descodificado)

Recommended =advised


Thick # thin

The best # the worst

Quiet #noisy

Interesting #boring,dull

Honest # dishonest

Sad, unhappy #happy, delighted

Like # dislike

Single #married,divorced

Popular #unpopular

Poor #rich

Generous # mean,selfish (generoso#egoista)

Heavy #light (pesado #ligero)

Rude #polite

Increases #lowers

Useful # useless

With #without

Fearful #fearless

Useful #useless

Careful # careless (cuidadoso#descuidado)

Inside #outside




Growth (crecimiento)


Discovery (descubrimiento)


Knowledge (conocimiento)


Development (desarrollo)


Treatment (tratamiento)


Celebration (celebración)


Destruction (destrucción)


Thought (pensamiento)

1ºactually = De hecho, en efecto----------------nowadays, at present = actualmente

Actually I disagree

2ºanxious = nervioso ----------------------------eager, greedy =avaricioso, ansioso

She is anxious about her exams

3ºargument = riña, pelea-------------------------plot, topic, issue = argumento

I had an argument with my parents

4ºassist = ayudar----------------------------------attend =asistir a clase

They assisted him with his luggage

5ºattend = asistir a clase -------------------------pay attention, take care of = prestar atención

He attended a conference

6ºcarpet = moqueta-------------------------------folder, file = carpeta, archivador

I need to vacuum the carpet

7ºcareer = carrera profesional-----------------------------------race=carrera de motos

She’s got great career prospects within the company University studies=estudios universitarios

8ºconductor = revisor, director orquesta-------driver = conductor

The conductor came round to collect fares

9ºcasual = estilo deportivo-----------------------------------------accidental=casual, fortuito

He wears casual clothes

10ºconstipated = estreñido-------------------------a cold = resfriado

If you are constipated, take a laxative

11º curse = maldición----------------------------course = curso,transcurso, rumbo

They say the Egyptian Dummy has a curse

12º discussion = hablar sobre--------------------argument =riña, pelea, discusión

They are having a discussion about art

13º disgust = asco,repugnancia------------------annoyance, sorrow =disgusto

She Leith the room in disgust

14º divert=Desviar algo ---------------------------------Enjoy,have a good time=Divertirse

Traffic is being diverted=Se está desviando el tráfico

1º be was/were been ser,estar

2ºbear bore borne soportar

3ºbeat beat beaten batir o golpear

4ºbecome became become llegar a ser

5ºbegin began begun empezar

6ºbend bent bent doblarse

7ºbet bet bet apostar

8ºbind bound bound atar

9ºbite bit bitten morder

10ºbleed bled bled sangrar

11ºblow blew blown soplar

12ºbreak broke broken romper

13ºbring brought brought traer

14ºbuild built built construer

15ºburn burnt burnt quemar

16ºburst burst burst explotar

17ºbuy bought bought comprar

18ºcan could been able to poder

19ºcast cast cast dar un papel a alguien

20ºcatch caught caught capturar, coger

21ºchoose chose chosen elegir

22ºcome came come venir

23ºcost cost cost costar

24ºcut cut cut cortar

25ºdeal dealt dealt tratar

26ºdig dug dug cavar

27ºdive dived/dove dived bucear

28ºdo did done hacer

29ºdraw drew drawn dibujar

30ºdream dreamed/dreamt dreamed/dreamt soñar

31ºdrink drank drunk beber

32ºdrive drove driven conducir

33ºeat ate eaten comer

34ºfall fell fallen caerse

35ºfeed fed fed alimentar

36ºfeel felt felt sentir

37ºfight fought fought luchar

38ºfind found found encontrar

39ºfit fit fit caber de talla

40ºfling flung flung arrojar, lanzar algo

41ºfly flew flown volar

42ºforbide forbade forbidden prohibir

1ºForget forgot forgotten olvidar

2ºForgive forgave forgiven perdonar

3ºFreeze froze frozen congelar,helar

4ºGet got got conseguir

5ºGive gave given dar

6ºGo went gone ir

7ºGrow grew grown crecer

8ºHang hung hung colgar

9ºHave had had tener

10ºHear heard heard escuchar

11ºHide hid hidden esconder

12ºHit hit hit golpear

13ºHold held held sostener,sujetar

14ºHurt hurt hurt herir

15ºKeep kept kept guardar

16ºKnow knew known saber,conocer

17ºLay laid laid Poner,colocar

18ºLead Led led Guiar,conducer

19ºLean Leaned/leant Leaned/leant inclinarse

20ºLearn learned/learnt learned/learnt aprender

21ºLeave left left marcharse,abandoner

22ºLend lent lent prestar

23ºLet let let permitir,dejar

24ºLie lay lain tumbarse

25ºLight lighted/lit lighted/lit encender

26ºLose lost lost perder

27ºMake made made fabricar,hacer

28ºMean meant meant significar

29ºMeet met met reunirse,conocer

30ºPay paid paid pagar

31ºPut put put poner

32ºQuit quit quit dejar de hacer algo

33ºRead read read leer

34ºRide rode ridden montar a caballo,moto,bici

35ºRing rang rung sonar

36ºRise rose risen elevar

37ºRun run run correr

38ºSay said said decir

39ºSee saw seen Ver

40ºSeek sought sought buscar

41ºSell sold sold vender

42ºSend sent sent enviar

1ºSet set set Poner

2ºSew sewed sewed Coser

3ºShake shook shaken Agitar

4ºShine shone shone Brillar

5ºShoot shot shot Disparar

6ºShow showed shown Mostrar,enseñar

7ºShut shut shut Cerrar

8ºSing sang sung Cantar

9ºSit sat sat Sentarse

10ºSleep slept slept Dormir

11ºSlide slid slid Resbalar

12ºSmell smelt smelt Oler

13ºSpeak spoke spoken Hablar

14ºSpeed sped sped Ir deprisa ,a toda velocidad

15ºSpell spelt spelt Deletrear

16ºSpend spent spent Pasar tiempo,gastar diner

17ºSpill spilt spilt Derramar

18ºSplit split split Resbalar

19ºSpoil spoilt spoilt Estropear

20ºSpread spread spread Extender

21ºStand stood stood Ponerse de pie

22ºSteal stole stolen Robar

23ºStick stuck stuck Pegar

24ºSting stung stung Picar

25ºStrike struck struck Golpear,dar la hora *Go on strike=Declararse en huelga

26ºSwear swore sworn Jurar

27ºSweep swept swept Barrer

28ºSwell swelled swelled Hincharse

29ºSwim swam swum Nadar

30ºSwing swung swung Columpiarse,balancearse

31ºTake took taken Coger

32ºTeach taught taught Enseñar

33ºTear tore torn Rasgar,romper

34ºTell told told Decir

35ºThink thought thought Pensar

36ºThrow threw thrown Arrojar,lanzar

37ºUnderstand understood understood Entender

38ºWake woke woken Despertarse

39ºWear wore worn Llevar puestp

40ºWin won won Ganar

41ºWrite wrote written Escribir
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